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Out With The Old, In With The New: Creating New Traditions at SKY Armory

Photo Credit: By Bridget Photography

Traditions are traditions for a reason. They connect us to one another, as well as our pasts. Traditions are nostalgic and can create lasting memories. At our Downtown Syracuse Wedding Venue – SKY Armory – we’ve had the pleasure of seeing so many wedding traditions carry on throughout the years. From the fun traditions such as the bouquet toss, to stylistic wedding traditions like the bride wearing a veil, these traditions come together to create a day that’s as memorable as it is magical. 

But who's to say that the wedding traditions we choose to incorporate have to be old traditions? At SKY Armory, we love creating weddings that are timeless, yet still with the times. Which is why we love it when we see couples creating their own wedding traditions!

Here are some new wedding traditions that we’ve either seen SKY Armory couples do or have recommended to couples for their special day. Feel free to pull inspiration from these ideas for your own wedding!

A Quiet Last Dance 

We love the idea of a last dance with just the couple in the room. It allows time for the couple to reconnect after the energetic reception. It’s an intimate tradition that perfectly wraps up the end of the reception. This can be a great time to get the guests out and lined up for a grand exit – whether that’s a sparkler exit or an exit with another thematic prop that fits with the couple’s personality.

SU’s Otto the Orange

Photo Credit: Jill Studio

For couples that either met at Syracuse University, attended the college, or have another special connection to SU, having Otto at the reception is a super fun tradition that we’ve seen. You’d be surprised just how much Otto can light up the dance floor!

New Gown with a Piece of the Past

We love the idea of a bride choosing their own gown, but using a strip of fabric/lace from mom’s or grandma’s to wrap the bridal bouquet stem. It allows the bride to embrace their own personal style during the day, while still holding a piece of the past close.

Recorded messages

In place of the traditional guest book, we’ve seen couples do digital recorded messages. This is a new twist on an old tradition – and we love it!

First Dance Live Painting 

A live painting of the couple’s first dance during the reception is a beautiful way to commemorate this special tradition. The painting creates a new tradition all in itself. 

Canine Ring Bearer


Photo Credit: Jill Studio

Cutest new tradition definitely goes to having the couple’s dog(s) as the ring bearer. It’s a sweet way to incorporate your fur babies into the big day. And guests are sure to get a kick out of this cute moment as well!

Recreating Traditions at SKY Armory

We know a thing or two about making the old new again at SKY Armory. After all, our venue is in the old Wells & Coverly building! We took the original architecture of the building and renovated it into a modern, chic venue that still has that industrial feel from the original architecture. 

In this old building that we’ve made new again, we’ve seen countless wedding traditions. And we would love to see what traditions you bring to your wedding — old or new! Contact us to learn more about what our venue has to offer.



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