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Welcome to SKY Armory. 

we'd like to share a few details to ensure a pleasurable experience 


Hi, I'm Nicole Samolis, my husband (Kevin) and I are the proprietors and your experience at SKY Armory is very important to us and our team. Each day we strive to be our best and provide an exceptional guest experience. It's the small details that make an experience special and we focus on the little things. Please don't hesitate to contact me with a question about an event you are attending or hosting, have a need, or a comment to share. 

You'll see me strolling through the building and assisting our team during events, 

so please stop me to say hello.


351 South clinton Street

Syracuse, NY 13202


SKY Armory, a special event wedding and banquet center is located at the intersection of South Clinton and Walton Streets. SKY Armory is set back at the end of 'Armory Alley'.

Landmarks are the Clinton Street Parking Garage (that's also where you park) and the orange awnings of Modern Malt. Look for the modern 3 story glass-front building with the SKY Armory on the top of the building.


There is ample parking in downtown Syracuse. SKY Armory is adjacent to the Clinton Street Parking Garage. The 4th floor of the garage connects to our 2nd floor. If you have mobility challenges we recommend parking on the 4th floor near the bridge (look for signs). Or you may also have the person you are with drive into the alley and drop you off at our front entrance. 


For daytime events we recommend the Trolley Lot (2 blocks away) as there is limited availability in the garage. Other parking options can be found on the Downtown Parking Map.


where to stay:

There are 2 hotels within walking distance of SKY Armory:

The Best Western Downtown Syracuse Hotel & Suites is just 161 steps from our door to theirs (yes we measured) and they include a lovely complimentary breakfast and omelette station. 2 blocks away is the Courtyard Syracuse Downtown at Armory Square.

Other options are available at Visit Syracuse.

Where to Stay

dietary accomodations:

Just because you may have an allergy (or two) or the doc says you have to stay away from ______________, we still want you to have an enjoyable culinary experience. No need to pack a food cooler, we've got you covered. Our food is prepared with fresh, local, and unprocessed ingredients and made from scratch so we know what's in the dish. We like to know who is vegetarian, vegan and gluten free - however, our menus are written to accommodate these growing dietary preferences. 


It's easier for us to accommodate your needs if you tell us in advance. Please complete the form below.  Allergies and their extremity are of utmost concern to us. If we have questions, we will contact you to discuss further. 

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