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Our Food. Your Way.


Our food Philosophy

SKY Armory does not follow the traditional banquet facility idea of food where you choose from a standard list of items, but rather here we create menus that are customized to the event experience. 

When it comes to food, our goal is simple: to produce creative and delicious menus,

no matter the number of guests.


We believe food should look as good as it tastes and when beautifully & creatively presented it tastes even better.

We use a culinary team approach with talented professionals with experience across all cultures who challenge themselves to continually develop creative new offerings utilizing the best  ingredient.

Our Bar Philosophy

Just as with food, we've broken away from the typical banquet facility bar approach.

Our approach to beverages is the same as with our food; use only the best ingredients.

We buy local, start with fresh ingredients and make our own juices, purees, simple syrups and infusions.

Think restaurant-style where you find a large selection and can order your favorite brands.

Our bartenders are passionate about their craft and creating the perfect cocktail. 

We love to inspire your guests to get out their tried and trues and try something new with our unique creations.


New York State has much to offer in the way of craft beers, spirits and wine for your corporate event or wedding. 

We like to feature local on our bar just like in our kitchen.

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