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Men's Attire Trends for 2019 Weddings

Sorry guys, I know you don't get much attention when it comes to planning a wedding - it's all about the ladies, right? Well this time you're in luck because we've done some research for you on what's in and what's totally out when it comes to what to wear to your own, or someone else's wedding.


1. Bright and Bold colors - Think less pink and purple and more dark red and dark green. (See below)

2. More Tailored fit - in our opinion this should be 'in' no matter what the year is... get a suit that fits!

3. Playfully patterned and textured ties - Ties can be so fun but make sure if you pick a patterned tie, to tone it down with the actual suit and go for something more simple.

4. Three Piece Suits - Get hot and sweaty on the dance floor and still look put together with a vest on when you take your jacket off!

5. Elevated Casual - for more casual weddings be more on the casual/simple side of things in terms of style, but not too casual...think slacks and a button up. Add a tie if you're feeling fancy.

6. Tones of the same color- In terms of wedding party, having each suit be off by a shade or two is the look some guys are going for this year.


1. Bow Ties- Rather than a bow tie, opt for a trend that's in...a fun bold or patterned tie!

2. Tennis Shoes - Going casual is great, but tennis shoes might be a bit too casual. Try instead a more casual style dress shoe.

3. Double Breasted, traditional fit Suits - Opt for tailored slim fit instead!

Don't stress it guys, there's a lot more trends that are 'in' rather than 'out', and when it comes down to it, your killer moves on the dance floor are going to matter a heck of a lot more than if you're wearing a three piece suit.

For more perspective on men and weddings check out the book

Him in his Moment by Ross Oscar Knight.



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