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How To Find The Right Venue

Congratulations on your engagement! We know this is an exciting time, but that the idea of planning a wedding can feel overwhelming. Where to start?

Sit down with your fiancé(e) and discuss the items that are most important to you – is it location? The food? The music? Next, think about who you want to be with you (your list will grow over time) but try to get a sense of how many people you want (or need) to invite.

Selecting your reception venue is one of the first steps you’ll want to take. We recommend finding a venue that fits your style and can comfortably accommodate the number of guests you expect. Just like the gown, they come in all different styles and prices.

We have outlined key questions to keep in mind when you are visiting and considering venues:

  • Does the venue fit the style of my wedding? Choosing a site whose look already meshes with your style allows you to focus your décor budget on special touches rather than trying to transform a room into something it's not.

  • How many guests can the space comfortably hold? Many locations overstate their capacity by putting 10 people at a table that seats eight comfortably. Find out what kind of tables they have and how many are available.

  • How responsive and helpful are they? How attentive a venue is during the sales process is a strong indication of how your experience will be through the planning process.

  • How involved does the planner really get? Ask for specifics. Many venues say they have a planner, but in reality the person only details the food and beverage selections, provides the standard room layout, and offers business cards for wedding vendors on their favorites list.

  • Can we customize the menu? Most venues (the good ones anyway) are willing to customize the menu if you ask. Ask about the bar offerings; and don’t be afraid to request a tasting. You’re spending a lot of money, you should know what to expect.

  • Will my guests be well taken care of? Some venues are committed to great customer service. This is most apparent in the amount of event staff that they provide. We recommend one bartender per 50-70 guests, one waiter per table, and make sure they have people dedicated to clearing dirty dishes/glassware during the cocktail hour.

  • Which amenities are included and which have additional fees? Think of items that are important to you and ask if they are an included amenity or an additional cost (the place that originally seemed more expensive may not be): floor length linens, linens in more colors than ivory or white, coat check attendant, parking, lighting (ambient or uplighting), cake cutting or dessert display platters, set up for centerpieces or DIY elements, the Champagne toast, bathroom amenity baskets.

  • What are people saying? Check social media to see what other people’s experiences have been.

When you’re searching for the right venue for you, we hope you will check out SKY Armory. We are an urban chic wedding venue located in the heart of downtown Syracuse. SKY offers the option of complete customization so that your wedding tells your story as a couple. From selecting your bar options and working with our culinary team on personalizing your menu to selecting design elements and floral arrangements, we let you choose what’s most important to you.



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