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Favorite Summer Wedding Ideas from the SKY Team

We're in the heart of summer wedding season here at SKY, and we've seen some great ideas come through our doors already. Our brides have brought with them some incredible visions of their own, and as a team we like to stay up-to-date with industry trends so we can provide creative input of our own for those couples who might need a little more inspiration. We've put our heads together to compile a list of all of our favorite summer style trends this far.

Lindsey Totland - Floral Designer

Trend: Using texture & pops of color. A fun approach is layering a variety of colorful florals and textured greens to create a fun, bright, and whimsical bridal bouquet for any summer wedding!

Rachael Demling - Event Planner

Trend: Bright colored linens. I like when couples aren't afraid to use fun summer colors (like watermelon or raspberry) as a pop with their linens into their decor. It's a nice contrast from the neutral colors we so often see.

CJ Butler - Event Marketing Planner

Trend: Drink Displays. Nothing beats a refreshing drink on a hot summer day, and displays don't just make it easier to serve guests, they also double as a gorgeous piece of decor! Pretty, yet functional.

Anne Robinson - Executive Pastry Chef

Trend: Frozen Popsicle desserts. Frozen desserts are the perfect way to cool down your wedding guests on a warm summer day. Think beyond an ice cream bar and opt for a refreshing and elegant Popsicle as your dessert or even incorporated into your signature cocktail. Weddings should be fun and your dessert is no exception!

Jess Steele - Marketing Manager

Trend: Balloon walls. From a marketing standpoint, I'm always thinking of how to capture that perfect shot. Balloon walls provide a beautiful, colorful, creative backdrop not only for your own photos on your big day, but for your guests as well.

We're here to make your wedding uniquely your own! The SKY has no limits.


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