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Creative Ideas for Your Corporate Holiday Party

6 ideas from Sky Armory to help you get started planning your 2023 or 2024 corporate holiday party...

Photo From a Sky Armory Party

Corporate holiday parties are an excellent way to show appreciation for your hardworking employees. Throwing a holiday party for employees allows teams to bond and helps leaders promote company culture in a positive way. And let's not forget to add that these parties are a fun way to kick-back and celebrate everyone's hard work throughout the year.

But when it comes to how to plan a corporate holiday party, there are various details to consider. Whoever's lucky enough to be in charge of planning has to come up with corporate holiday party activities and of course the holiday party venue. And then there's the other details, such as food, beverage and music. Our team at Sky Armory, a Syracuse event space for parties, weddings and other events, put together some ideas to make your planning process easier (and if you do book your holiday party at our Syracuse event venue, we have a planner on our staff to take care of all of those other minor details for you). So let's get into some creative ideas for your end-of-2023 or beginning-of-2024 corporate holiday party.

Unique Holiday Party Ideas for Companies

Contrary to popular belief, dancing isn't the only activity that can be at a holiday party. Sky Armory has a plethora of ideas for your corporate holiday party to ensure that everyone has a great time and that it's a party to remember. Here are 6 fun ideas for a corporate holiday party...

Whiskey or Wine Tasting

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Experience different wines or whiskeys with a guided tasting at your holiday party. This activity is both formal and fun -- the perfect mix for a holiday party with your team! Listen to the wine or whiskey expert describe the history of the libation, the tasting notes and the ideal pairings as you sip on your beverage. You could even take this idea to the next level with a wine tasting game. Employees can taste the wine and try to identify tasting notes on there own or identify the type of wine, region, etc.

Pub Night

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash

If you're looking for a more casual theme for the corporate holiday party, consider doing a pub night. At Sky Armory, we can bring in dart boards and pool to completely transform the vibe of our Syracuse event space into a casual pub. Pair this theme with pub fare, such as pretzels with beer cheese, chicken wings and other pub grub. If you want to incorporate the previous idea into this theme, you could also add a beer tasting activity to your holiday party!

Build Your Own Charcuterie Boards

Photo Courtesy of Wix Media

For another fun activity that would go right along with the wine or whiskey tasting, consider a build your own cheese board or build your own charcuterie board activity. Employees can enjoy themselves as they arrange provided meats and cheeses into an elegant design on their boards. Doing this as a guided activity is fun because employees can learn about the background of each cheese and what the cheese pairs well with as they create their designs. It's a lowkey, yet engaging activity.


Photo from a Sky Armory Corporate Event

If you know your team loves a little friendly competition, consider having a trivia night. Customize your game of trivia with questions specific to your company or employees for some added fun! There are so many ways to make this activity unique to your company.

Mixology Activity

Sky Armory Cocktails - photo by Alexis Emm Photography

Another idea for a guided activity at your holiday party is a mixology course. Employees can learn how to craft different cocktails, such as an old fashioned, an espresso martini or any other cocktails that you think your team would enjoy. You could even create a menu of different cocktails to select from for the mixology activity.


Photo From a Sky Armory Corporate Event

If you're looking for a fun and easy holiday party activity, you can't go wrong with cornhole. This activity doesn't need to be guided and it's a great team bonding activity. Plus, who doesn't love a little friendly competition?

Ready to Plan Your Corporate Holiday Party?

Hopefully this list of holiday party ideas showed you that dancing isn't the only activity that'll make your corporate party fun and exciting. So if any of these ideas inspired you and your ready to plan your corporate holiday party, we can help with your Syracuse corporate event.

Sky Armory offers an all-inclusive event space in Syracuse with a team of planners, chefs, bartenders and decorators. We'll take care of all of the minor details, from set-up to clean-up. We can also help you bring any of the above holiday party ideas to life! So if you're ready to get started, download our free corporate pricing brochure or call us at 315-473-0826 to book the date for your party.



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