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Ideas for Promoting Employee Engagement

Over the past few years, having a remote workforce has become more and more common. Working from home is great because it can save time and money for both the company and its employees. But one of the challenges that comes with a remote workforce can be keeping employees engaged.

Company culture is a big part of any workplace. A good company culture of engagement helps to reduce turnover and burnout. Also, employees that are actively engaged with the company are employees that are your company’s biggest advocates!

But when employees aren’t at the office everyday, keeping them engaged can be more of a challenge. That’s because a lot of what goes into creating workplace engagement are the relationships that are created face to face. So when employees work remotely, management has to get creative on ways to increase employee engagement. 

As a local Syracuse business, we’ve worked with countless Syracuse companies. From company parties to catered lunches, we know what gets employees engaged! So we put together a list of ideas for increasing employee engagement for remote workers. And even if all of your employees are in-person, stick around because these tips for increasing employee engagement are still relevant!

Host a Happy Hour

Who doesn’t love a happy hour? Socializing over good food and drinks can take the stress of the day away! And when going to happy hour with colleagues, it’s a great way to foster that sense of community within the company.

Even if your employees are remote, ask them to join for a company happy hour! Since a lot of happy hours start at 4p, it could be a good idea for management to let employees that attend the happy hour end the day early – as a special incentive for attending the company event. 

Enjoy club menu food and drink deals while employees bond with one another. Events like a happy hour are great for team building. It’s also a good chance for remote or hybrid employees to really connect with the company.

If your company headquarters are in Downtown Syracuse or nearby, join us for happy hour Tuesday - Saturday 4p - 6p at The Tasting Room (330 S Salina St, Syracuse, NY 13202). We have a happy hour club menu with favorites such as the Smash Burger, Wings, Smoked Gouda Mac & Cheese, Salads and more! We also have $8 cocktails and half-off whiskey pours & wine by the glass during happy hour every day. Learn more here

Host a Company Conference

Another great way to get everyone together is with a company conference. Whether it’s a conference to discuss new and exciting changes, recap accomplishments (a great way to promote engagement and appreciation), or a conference with a keynote speaker, hosting a company wide conference is great for engagement.

Rent out a venue local to your company and have food, drinks, etc. A cocktail hour at the conference is a great way for colleagues to engage with one another and recap what was discussed during the presentation or by the speakers. 

If you’re looking for the best event venue in Syracuse, NY for your next conference, SKY Armory is located in the heart of Downtown Syracuse. The location is a convenient walking distance from many Downtown Syracuse hotels – meaning that if you have remote workers traveling in from out-of-area, they’ll have somewhere nearby to stay.

You don’t have to worry about food or drink either, because SKY takes care of everything! SKY’s talented culinary team makes high-quality, freshly made food for events. You can specially curate the menu to create something that everyone will love. There’s even tons of accommodating options for guests dietary restrictions.

SKY has three urban-style ballrooms to choose from. And with great views of Downtown Syracuse, it’s the best venue in Syracuse for a company conference. So if you’re looking for a way to get the whole company together, book an event at SKY Armory in Downtown Syracuse. 

Company Parties 

Company parties are another great way to get everyone together and boost engagement! Whether it’s a holiday party at the end of the year or a company party to celebrate recent accomplishments, throwing a party for employees really helps to boost morale.

SKY Armory is a great corporate event venue in Syracuse. Although weddings are our speciality, there’s a reason why so many companies in Syracuse come back time and time again for holiday parties or other company events!

Learn more about hosting a company party at SKY here

In-Office Catering 

While events are great for getting everyone together, rewarding employees is one of the best ways to show employees appreciation. One way to do so is with in-office catering! Providing employees with quality catered food is a wonderful gesture that shows employees that they’re cared for. 

Catered lunch or a catered breakfast can also help get those remote employees into the office for the day. Encourage employees that are sometimes remote, sometimes in-office to join for the catered meal!

Catering is great for a meeting or just for some team bonding while everyone enjoys their meal.

For Syracuse catering, corporate catering and catering delivery in Syracuse, choose Epicuse! Epicuse makes everything with fresh ingredients and there’s a wide selection of menu items to choose from. Learn more here!

Employee Appreciation Gifts

We’ve covered all of the in-person ways to drive up employee engagement. But not all remote employees are located in the local area – especially if they’re fully remote. When this is the case, one of the best ways to build employee engagement is through employee appreciation gifts.

Some ideas for employee appreciation gifts could include:

For Syracuse gift basket delivery, Epicuse has you covered. Our Taste of Syracuse gift basket is a favorite. There are also plenty of other curated gift baskets to choose from. Learn more here!

So many ways to Drive Employee Engagement!

Try these ideas boosting engagement with both remote and non-remote employees! And be sure to check out Epicuse, The Tasting Room and SKY Armory for your next corporate event in Syracuse.



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