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Your Guide to Photo Locations in Downtown Syracuse

When you choose to get married in downtown Syracuse, awesome photo locations are often overlooked. We wouldn't want anybody to miss out on the beautiful scenery that Syracuse has to offer - summer and winter, so here is your guide to getting the best wedding photos in downtown Syracuse and surrounding areas!

1. Clinton Street Parking Garage Roof Top- Conveniently located in Armory Square, the Clinton Street Parking Garage has proven to be a treasure to us time and time again. Whether there is a beautiful sunset or the weather is moody and cloudy there is always a great backdrop to your pose in front of.

2. SKY Armory's Alley- With so many different mediums located all around our building, there is an option for every couple - Urban, rustic or artful and light.

3. Walton Street / Downtown Streets- Downtown streets are perfect for a couple looking for that urban vibe! No matter the time of day you can always catch some really awesome shots. And nothing excites downtown onlookers like wedding parties in public places.

4. Downtown Allys - This is a great location for a totally urban feel with wall to wall brick (located right next to Limerick Pub). Head inside for a totally unique photo op!

5. Franklin Square- Franklin square is beautiful no matter the time of year! Filled with lush greens in the warmer months and pretty lights in the colder months. You do need a permit to take photos here as it is owned by the city and in popular demand. Find all the permit information here.

6. Clinton Square- Another City of Syracuse location that is beautiful in the summer time and in the winter (if you're into freezing your butt off for a good pic). Below you will see some amazing summer shots, in the winter there is an outdoors ice rink and huge evergreen tree filled with lights waiting for you to capture the perfect moment! Be wary of festivals in this areas as well, it is unlikely that you'll receive the permit if something bigger is going on that day. See the list of downtown events here.

7. Thornden Park - Located near the Syracuse University main campus, at the right time you can find it filled with roses (hence THORNden Park)! As another Syracuse park, you also need a permit to take photos here. Here is more information about the permit and the park.

8. Higher Onondaga Park- A willow tree, a gazebo and a body of water. What more could you ask for in a photo?! Higher Onondaga Park is located at 655 Onondaga Ave. This location also requires you to submit a permit application.




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