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  • Marti Feyerabend

Weddings Throughout the Seasons: Planning a Syracuse Wedding for Every Time of Year

SKY Wedding Photo credit ByBridget Photography

Choosing the right time of year for your wedding can be a big decision! Aside from just choosing a wedding date that works for you, your partner, and your loved ones, the time of year can set the tone for the day. That’s because each season truly offers a different ambience.

And if you plan on having a Syracuse wedding, then you know that the weather and climate boasts all four seasons. Each season in Syracuse is totally different from the one before — which is great because it allows for a lot of variety in aesthetics throughout the year.

At SKY Armory, we recognize the importance of choosing the right time of year for your wedding. After all, you want your day to truly reflect you and your partner. And as a premier wedding venue in Syracuse, we’ve had the privilege of hosting a wide array of weddings — so we can give you the inside scoop on what different weddings look like throughout the seasons.

So whether you’re unsure of what season you want to have your wedding in, or if you want to figure out what aesthetic could work for your wedding date, here’s a look at weddings throughout the seasons.

Spring Weddings

SKY Wedding Spring 2019 Photo by Mary Dougherty Photography

Spring symbolizes new beginnings — the perfect season for weddings.

When we think of spring weddings, florals are one of the first things to come to mind. Whether it’s delicate floral arrangements or full on garden wedding style blooms, beautiful florals are essential for any spring wedding. You can also embrace the season's fresh energy by incorporating seasonal elements such as cherry blossoms or tulips into your decor. And we always love a touch of greenery for a spring wedding.

SKY Wedding Spring 2019 Photo by Laura Rose Photography

Another thing that we love about spring weddings are the beautiful color palettes. Color palettes for a spring wedding can range from soft pastel color palettes to beautiful bright blues, pinks or purples. We also love white for a spring wedding!

Spring Florals

There’s definitely a lot of room for floral creativity in a spring wedding. And if you’re looking to have your wedding at a time of year when things feel fresh, new, and full of life — then spring is a great season for a wedding.

Summer Weddings

Summer exudes warmth and liveliness — the perfect time for a party!

The aesthetics that we see for summer weddings often emulate the vibrancy of the season. For summer weddings we love bold and vibrant color palettes. Bold hues such as sunny yellow or citrus orange add

romance and freshness. Soft pastels like blush pink and mint green are also beautiful during summer weddings.

Other details that fit perfectly into a summer weddings include flowing chiffon fabrics, delicate floral arrangements, and natural elements such as lush greenery.

SKY Summer 2019 Wedding Photo by Erin Convey Creative

With the beautiful warm weather during the summer, a lot of couples like to opt for barn weddings or other outdoor wedding venues. But having an indoor wedding at a venue with an outdoor patio or other small outdoor space can be just as fitting — and sometimes even the better option. Guests can stay comfortable in the cool air conditioning, while stepping out every once in a while to enjoy the summer air if they’d like. And with an indoor ceremony/reception space, you don’t have to worry about summer thunderstorms or muggy weather putting a damper on the day.

Summer 2023 Wedding at SKY Photo by Janelle Rodriguez Photography

At SKY Armory, something fun that we love seeing during summer weddings is a Cigar Bar or another unique feature for the outdoor patio space. Cornhole is another fun addition for a summer wedding at a Syracuse venue with outdoor space.

Overall, summers a great time for a wedding if you want a lively, vibrant wedding.

Fall Weddings

Photo by Emma Bauso Photography

Fall evokes a sense of romance and nostalgia, making it a popular choice for couples seeking an intimate and cozy atmosphere.

There’s definitely a lot that can be done with a fall wedding aesthetic. We love rustic fall weddings that capture the essence of a barn wedding. Rustic elements like wooden accents, burlap textures, and seasonal foliage add a beautiful touch.

Fall Wedding at SKY Photo by Brittany Juravich

One of the best things about a fall wedding though is the color palettes. There’s so much that can be done. Deep tones such as burgundy, navy, or emerald green complemented by touches of gold or copper create a warm and inviting ambiance. While rich color palettes inspired by the changing foliage, rustic decor elements, and candlelit ceremonies capture the essence of the season as well.

And as for decor, you can embrace the spirit of fall and incorporate seasonal accents such as pumpkis or leaves into the decor. Fall seasonal drinks or treats are also a great way to incorporate the fun of the fall season into your special day.

Winter Weddings

SKY Winter 2018 Wedding Photo by Janelle Rodriguez Photography

We can’t express enough how underrated winter weddings are. Winter offers a magical and enchanting backdrop for a fairytale wedding. And with SKY’s large windows that overlook downtown, it’s the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of winter in a warm and cozy venue.

For winter we love seeing elegant color palettes that feature shades of silver, white, black, gold or evergreen. When paired with cozy decor elements such as candlelight and faux fur, it sets the scene for a beautiful, romantic night. You can also embrace the holiday spirit and incorporate festive accents such as mistletoe, pine cones or twinkling lights!

SKY Armory: A Wedding Venue For Any Season

SKY Winter Wedding Photo by Jill Studio Photography

No matter the season, SKY Armory is committed to helping you bring your wedding vision to life. Whether you envision a blooming spring ceremony to a magical winter wonderland wedding, our team is here to assist you every step of the way. Book a tour of our Syracuse wedding venue today and let us help you create the wedding of your dreams, tailored to the season that speaks to you and your partner.



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