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Wedding Trends for 2024

Photo from a Sky Armory Wedding

When it comes to wedding trends, it can be hard to keep up on what’s new. For example, many planners believe that traditional guest books are outdated. Whereas some form of audio or video guest books have been seen quite a lot lately in recent weddings. This just goes to show that wedding trends come and go. Of course you should plan your wedding around you and your partner’s own personal style and taste, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to stay up-to-date on what wedding trends are in and out. That’s why we’ve done some digging on some of the hottest wedding trends that we expect to see in 2024.

Our team at Sky Armory, an event and wedding venue in Syracuse, has put together some trends that will be carried out across the wedding scene in 2024. Some of these will be new trends, whereas a lot of them are trends carried over from 2023 and possibly even previous years.

So, whether you’re in the planning process for your #2024wedding or you just want to stay up-to-date on the latest in the wedding industry, here are some 2024 wedding trends to look out for.

Champagne Towers

We’ve definitely seen the champagne tower trend throughout weddings the past couple years, and we don’t think that this trend is on its way out anytime soon. Champagne towers are stunning and add a dash of elegance to any wedding.

Sustainable Weddings

A big trend that we’re likely going to see more and more of is going eco-friendly for weddings. As environmental consciousness is on the rise, sustainable weddings have rapidly increased in popularity. This eco-friendly wedding trend includes details such as locally-sourced menus, biodegradable confetti, and decor or wedding favors that are eco-conscious.

Bold Colors

Photo of center piece and decor options for a Sky Armory wedding

If you read our blog on the 2023 holiday party season, then you already know that bold and bright colors are all the rage right now. Bright pops of magenta, pink, green, blue and other jewel-toned colors are going to make a big splash in 2024. While wedding color palettes ultimately come down to a couple’s personal preference, it will be fun to see bold and bright colors played out throughout weddings in 2024.

Monochrome Weddings

In complete contrast to the previous trend, monochrome weddings are also gaining huge popularity. One variation of this trend that we’re going to be seeing is a “black-out” wedding. Essentially, everyone but the bride will be wearing black. This is going to allow the bride to really stand-out. Depending on the couple’s preference, different colors could be used to achieve this monochrome look for the wedding.

Pearls in Wedding Decor

For couples that want to achieve a luxurious and elegant wedding aesthetic, this may be a trend you consider. Whether it’s pearls incorporated into the wedding cake, pearls in the centerpieces or even pearls for the bride, there are so many ways that this trend can be used to create a beautiful look for your 2024 wedding.

What Trend Do You Want to See in Your Wedding?

Whether you’re in the vision planning process, design planning process, or just the initial process of getting started planning your wedding, if one of these trends caught your attention, we’re here to help. Our full-service team at Sky Armory in the Heart of Downtown Syracuse is here to bring any vision you may have for your wedding to life. We’re with you every step of the way during your planning process. And when it’s time for your big day at our gorgeous, all-inclusive wedding event venue, we’re here to take care of every detail so that you can enjoy your special day to its fullest.

So if you want us to help you carry out one of the 2024 wedding trends listed above or you have your own ideas to bring to the table, contact us here so that we can help you get started planning your perfect wedding in Syracuse.



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