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SKY Hosts Syracuse Chef Challenge for NATJA

In May, the North American Travel Journalists Association visited Syracuse for its annual conference. During their time in the Salt City, journalists enjoyed a multiple-course, locally-sourced meal prepared by featured chefs. These chefs, including the culinary team at SKY, were challenged to prepare their meals using a set ingredient list made up of 90% local products.

When asked about the event and its importance, Visit Syracuse said, "when we talk about New York state, people automatically think about NYC - but we are the rest of New York and sometimes we are the best of New York." With shoutouts across the board from journalist and blogger attendees, the Chef Challenge showed that when it comes to food and drink, Syracuse can keep up with the best of them.

"Thank you Visit Syracuse for an amazing six course artisanal farm to table dinner.

It does not get any fresher than asparagus picked a few hours before I ate it.

There is some great chef talent in this town."

Guests were not only treated to a locally-sourced meal, but were invited to sample wines from local wineries as well. Wine selection for the event included Lakewood Vineyards Chardonnay, Anthony Road Rose, Owera Vineyards Cabernet Franc and Dr. Konstantin Frank Riesling.

"Everyone in Syracuse looks forward to spring,

the first reminder after a long winter that Syracuse is a vibrant, exciting, beautiful place to live.

After this particularly dreary winter, I was so excited to have fresh, local produce again

that I wanted to create something colorful and refreshing, almost hopeful.

A taste of spring in a glass."

- Chef Anne Robinson

SKY's core values include a commitment to minimizing our impact on the environment, and part of the way we can do this is by eating and buying local. Our team was honored to not only participate in the Chef Challenge, but to serve as hosts for the event. The CNY area has such a wealth of incredible products, and with such ready access to premium farm fresh meat, dairy, produce and yes- wine too- these are the kind of events SKY is known for.

View the video of the entire NATJA trip here. Thank you to those who traveled to the city we love to call home, and thank you to Visit Syracuse for including us in the fun!



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