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SKY Armory Reopen REMIX

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

We are excited that Central New York is officially in Phase 2. We look forward to getting haircuts and having more people back in downtown Syracuse. I have not had a haircut since the end of February, somehow other members of our management team have had better luck. The metrics used to determine how fast Central New York can open are very encouraging.

Our Reopen Plan was received with much interest from the press and other venues but failed to persuade the Central New York Regional Control Room (Advisory Board). In our effort to design a plan that would provide our clients with an experience that would be consistent with your expectations and vision, our plan had minimal social distancing requirements. Our revised plan has increased social distancing requirements that will be typical of a restaurant environment. Our revised plan is consistent with CDC and NYS guidelines.

We expect to be in Phase 3 in Central New York sometime in June at which time SKY Armory will officially open because, by definition, SKY Armory is a Phase 3 entity. Most of our Reopen Plan requirements happen outside the guest experience. The most obvious difference that will affect your guest’s experience is the presence of face masks on our staff and your guest in situations when we cannot assure social distancing. Our plan indicates that the guest will wear a mask during the ceremony and during dancing. Our plan also indicates we can maintain social distancing during the cocktail hour and dinner service. Our plan does not have a mechanism for ensuring compliance or reporting, given that the average reception is about 135 people. For example, if Aunt Grace chooses not to wear a mask on the dance floor, we do not have a mechanism to prohibit or address her action. We simply ask that our clients choose to have their reception at SKY Armory during the pandemic to partner with SKY Armory in good faith and compliance.

Our confidence is growing daily that we will be open soon in June. However, at this point we have absolutely no information on when social distancing requirements will be relaxed. Specifically, when the masks can come off for people in close proximity. We suspect that after Phase 3 opens up this will become part of the community discussion.

photo credit: The Story Photography


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