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Hang Over Cures To Get You Through Post Wedding Brunch

  1. Hair of the dog - This may not be a cure but it’s definitely a hangover delayer and who doesn’t love a mimosa in the morning? Once brunch is over…sleep it off and keep reading!

  2. Pickle juice - Pickle juice boosts electrolytes, perfect for rehydration. If you love pickles, you’ll love pickle juice!... Maybe.

  3. Coconut water - if you don’t like pickles or the juice associated with them, hopefully you like coconut water. With the same rehydration abilities one of the two is sure to get you back on track.

  4. Alka-seltzer - Although this won’t solve the bongo drums in your head right now or the fact that you can barely keep your eyes open, it will settle your stomach by neutralizing the acid in there. Combine that with a couple of advil and coffee before your mimosa and BOOM! You’re cured.

  5. Water - This should be a no brainer and although it may not be the best ‘cure’ per se it definitely helps. As grandma used to say, one glass of water between each cocktail. Go to bed with a water bottle on the nightstand, your future self will thank you when you wake up at 4 a.m with dry mouth.

  6. Soup - the perfect remedy. Order soup at brunch! Any kind really, as long as it contains broth (sodium) and noodles (alcohol absorption). If you’re one of those people who just can’t stomach anything the morning after a long night of drinking, well…You are out of luck my friend.

  7. Working out - Say what?? If you think for a second working out is the last thing you should be doing with a hangover like this you are WRONG! If you can get through the initial thought and dread of hitting the gym, your body will love to sweat out those alcohol toxins which leads to water drinking aka proper rehydration!

Congrats newlyweds, you did it! You made it through brunch now go take that well deserved nap you’ve been daydreaming about all morning.



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