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Benefits of a Winter Wedding

Winter is the most popular time of year to get engaged. Between the togetherness of the holidays and the emphasis on romance at Valentine’s Day, many couples decide to take the next step between Thanksgiving and mid-February. More and more couples are also considering wintertime to say their I Dos. Here’s why we think it’s a great idea.

Less competition for dates and guests

With peak season typically falling between April and October, the off-season months mean less competition for dates, including Saturdays. At SKY, we seem to be doing more winter weddings with each year, but there are fewer inquiries for those dates, so couples that do call typically get their first choice of both date and ballroom.

If you’ve ever experienced “wedding fatigue,” the feeling that you’re being invited to or attending a wedding every weekend, a winter wedding gives you—and your guests—a little breathing room between weddings. It makes it more likely that your guests won’t have to choose between your celebration and someone else’s. Being able to share your special day with more of your loved ones is always a bonus.


Let’s be honest, we know weddings are a financial investment and one of the first questions we always get is about pricing. Because everything at SKY is so customizable, pricing can certainly vary, but we like to be as upfront about costs as we can. We would love to see our rooms filled with weddings year round, and having less competition for dates does allow us a little more flexibility. We feature special pricing on both room rental and food minimums for weddings booked at SKY for dates between December and March (the only exception, New Year’s Eve).

We created our space specifically for special events and what better than weddings to fill our rooms with celebration each season?

This off-season push typically also includes great rates on hotel rooms and honeymoon travel.


Winter wedding looks can range from romantic and cozy to glam and sparkly, but you're certainly not limited to that. However, if you get married at a venue, like SKY, that decorates their event spaces for the holidays, you gain a beautifully decorated room at no cost to you. A venue's holiday décor can be wide-ranging, including bright colors, evergreens and winter whites, jewel tones, and metallics. You can stick with their décor or enhance it with additional elements, depending on what your venue offers or allows.

There are other reasons to consider, too: fewer Mother Nature-related concerns (yes, it snows a lot here, but your wedding is inside so wind-blown tents, heat stroke and melting makeup, and rained-out receptions are not not something you have to fear). Your wedding will stand out both by how it looks, your menu--especially if you take advantage of seasonal dishes and ingredients--and just by virtue of being at a different time of year than most other weddings. Also, depending on the type of ceremony you want to have and the venues you're looking at, you may be able to hold both your ceremony and reception at the same location, so you can reduce the amount of time guests are out in the cold.

Bonus, you can get some truly stunning photographs if you briefly brave the cold.

If you're thinking about getting married in the winter, we'd love to help you plan!



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