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2020 Wedding Trends: Revealed

Happy New Year! The Roaring Twenties are back, and in a very big way. The 1920's proved to be a trendsetting decade: short hair, boxy silhouettes, and smokey makeup looks all skyrocketed in popularity during this time, and we can still see their legacies in the fashion industry today. It comes as no surprised, then, that the 2020's are shaping up to be just as legendary—at least for the wedding and events industry! SKY Armory's planners and designers came together to share some of our favorite design trends that we're seeing both online and in-person at our weddings. Keep reading to stay on the cutting edge for the 2020 wedding season:

Trend 1: Mix-N-Match Textures

Texture is no longer just for linens! You can give your centerpiece a more natural feel by mixing and matching the types of floral and greenery used. In the centerpiece pictured above, the pampas grass (pink stalks) add a soft fluffy texture, while the unusual shape and color of the craspedia (yellow balls) make the arrangement even more visually intriguing.

Trend 2: Unlikely Florals

Baby's-breath gets a bad rap in the floral world: too cheap, too boring, too old-fashioned. However, we beg to differ! We're seeing more brides taking advantage of the inexpensive flower and it's unique look to create some beautiful decor. The dried baby's-breath hanging treatment above exudes both whimsy and elegance with its soft colors and organic, cloud-like shape.

Trend 3: Color Play

2020 is quickly proving that when it comes to wedding colors, there are no rules. No need to stick to the traditional "wedding white;" instead, fill your special day with bold—although complementary—colors that truly are as full of life as you are. Orange, pink, and purple are especially popular for the spring and summer, while emerald and terra cotta rule the fall and winter.

Trend 4: Elevated Minimalism

While our last trend was for those of you who like to turn the dial up to ten, this one's perfectly suited for the more subtle folks. To execute this trend, choose 1-2 elements that you want to shine, and let the other aspects thrive in the background. In the photo above, our client really wanted to highlight the black chargers and baby's-breath runner (we told you it was trending!), so we went with a neutral grey table linen and white napkin.

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