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2018 Wedding Trends

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

It's engagement season and pretty soon your news feeds will be flooded with engagement photos and proposal pics. What happens when you're one of them, when you we're lucky enough to find your forever? It's time to start planning and just like the rest of them you're going to be looking for new and unique details to incorporate into your reception and ceremony. There are countless decisions to be made when it comes to planning a wedding so to make things a little easier on you, we've spotted 8 new trends for the upcoming 2019 season to get the ball rolling.

Floral Installations

Hanging floral installations are still trending for 2019. This is one of our favorite trending items as we've seen plenty of hanging floral treatments over the last year or so. We love seeing how creative our couples can get and always look forward to seeing this trend come to life in collaboration with our floral design team.

Friday Weddings

For years, couples have been planning events for the entire weekend; welcome parties on Friday, the big day on Saturday, the after party, and post wedding brunch on Sunday. Now more and more couples have been planning for Friday to be their main event. There's an advantage to booking at SKY on a Friday when it comes to the room rental. Find out here!

Purple is the New Pink

Purple is replacing pink as the new 'go-to' shade. Blush has had its time in the spotlight for the past couple years and now we're saying hello to shades of lavender. Purple tends to be a versatile color whether its dainty, pretty and cute, or rich, bold and dramatic. There are many different styles to play around with when it comes to purple.

Interactive Bars

Specialty drinks will always be a classic wedding staple, with customized drinks and flavors. Now couples are choosing to include something a little more interactive with the bar team such as a tequila tasting or a 'Make Your Own Moscow Mule' station.

Greenery in Bridal Bouquets

We've been seeing an abundance of greenery taking over bridal bouquets and floral decor, and foresee it being popular well into 2019. When it comes to the floral aspect, brides and grooms would rather see quality flowers rather than high quantities of flowers.

Natural and Classic Beauty Looks

Unsurprisingly, brides are opting for a more natural beauty look with false eye lashes to enhance the eyes. Some like to play up their favorite feature - some might do a bold lip while others, a cheeky highlight. When it comes to hair styles, a half up, half down look that frames the face is a go-to.

Linens that Pop

Say goodbye to basic. Couples are straying away from plain table cloth colors and leaning towards lace, frays and bold patterns to enhance the look of their wedding.

Plants, greenery and Herbs to Decorate Tables

Instead of traditional centerpieces, some couples are choosing to use greenery as a head table runner. In addition some couples may choose to include herbs such as cilantro or basil into their table settings - a cute and modern twist.



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