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2018 Wedding Trends

In this day and age, everything is constantly changing - it’s hard to keep up! The good news? Our team is always researching all things weddings. From color palettes and centerpieces to dance floors and dessert tables, planning your wedding at SKY is 100% about personalization. Check out some of the trends listed below for 2018 weddings.

1. When it comes to style, bohemian is the new rustic, and we can thank millennials for this trend. This generation strives to be happy and whole, and new age bohemian is a reflection of that way of life. Some must-haves for a bohemian wedding may include bold, bright colors, mixing old with new, macramé and crystal décor, and getting creative with informalities.

2. SKY Armory’s bold brick walls and steel accented exposed beams offer a modern take on rustic - creating a trending ‘industrial’ vibe. Industrial venues tend to have a relaxed feel yet edgy and hip ambience. Working in a space such as this allows couples to take their vision and run with it, whether it be vintage, modern, or a mix of both!

3. In relation to industrial venues, the third trend is large windows with plenty of natural light and high ceilings. Instagram is taking over with this one. Natural light is perfect for Instagram-worthy photos and it’s no secret that the only reason we take pictures anymore is for Instagram anyways, right? SKY Armory kept ‘picture perfect’ in mind with a view looking straight into beautiful skies over Armory Square.

4. Speaking of Instagram, SKY designers and planners have seen plenty of our fourth trending topic - Instagram-worthy escort cards. With today’s bride, it’s all about aesthetic, our in-house calligrapher hits the nail right on the head with these!   

5. Farm-to-Table Menus. This is huge right now - not only in weddings but in the daily life of many. Here at SKY we take our food very seriously and we are all about taste. Everything we serve is made from scratch by our culinary team with fresh, natural and seasonal ingredients - no processed food or preservatives. Customizable menus produced by our experienced chefs create an unforgettable, tasty experience for you and your guests.

6. When it comes to dessert, our pastry chef is sure to make you drool. Her doughnuts and drip designs sure do ‘take the cake’! Doughnuts and drip cakes are both tasty and suitable for Instagram - a perfect combination.

7. Another trend we have been seeing on the rise is unexpected entertainment - from tarot card readers to sketch artists and magicians. With some creative thinking you can find a variety of entertainment to make for an unforgettable day that your guests will be talking about for years!

8. Lastly, your bridal party should be made up of people you love most. The ones who have been there through it all, the ones who keep you sane and the ones that lift you up… who says they have to be the same gender as you? 2018 couples break tradition with mixed gender bridal parties, making their weddings as unique as they are!




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