Reschedule Policy Effective February 27, 2021


New York State recently issued new guidance allowing SKY Armory to hold wedding receptions of up to 150 guests (plus our staff and all the vendors). This guidance as well as the statistically positive pandemic metrics over the last several months has encouraged us to believe we will have a somewhat “normal” year. We summarized the regulatory impact on your reception here.


The new guidance relies heavily on contact tracing and screening. We recognize that you may not wish to have your reception under these restrictions as well as dealing with the impact of the ever-changing travel restrictions. As such, we are continuing to offer you the ability to reschedule due to the pandemic.


Revised Reschedule Policy:

  1. You do not need to provide or offer a reason to reschedule. If the pandemic is impacting your reception, you can reschedule.

  2. There will be no financial penalties for postponement, all payments will apply to the new date.

  3. You are eligible for any date, including Saturdays next year. Please note that the Room Rental and the Food Minimum may change based on the new date. A Saturday in July has a higher Room Rental and Food Minimum than a Friday in February. Please see our fee schedule in the online brochure. Please note that many Saturdays are booked and you may have to move to a Friday.

  4. Upon your request, SKY Armory will share with you the dates available. Once selected, we will ‘pencil you in’ and prepare a new Confirmation with the selected date and provide you 72-hours to execute.

  5. You do not have to select a new date to postpone, meaning if you postpone today you can wait a few months before selecting a new date. When you postpone, we will release your date into our system and will contact should another party be interested.

  6. Under certain circumstances, we will allow “holds”. This means we will let you hold a date for next year while you are still hoping to hold your reception this year.

  7. Based on availability, we will allow multiple switching. For example, you are October X, 2021, and you postpone to July X, 2022, and the pandemic is over in August and you wish to return to October X, 2021. We will do that without a financial penalty.

  8. The ability to postpone expires 14 days prior to your reception date.

  9. If you postpone, then end up canceling (for any reason and in accordance with our cancellation policy), your 90 Day Progress Payment and Final Payment are refunded. Except for the deposit, we are waiving all cancellation fees (for those unfamiliar, please review the Confirmation that describes Cancellation Fees as well as the Force Majeure).

  10. We reserve the right to modify this as the guidelines for the wedding industry are updated.

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