Interim COVID-19 Guidance for Weddings at SKY Armory (Updated February 27, 2021)


SKY Armory is excited to be holding wedding receptions for groups of up to 150 people starting March 15, 2021. We have prepared the following guidelines and procedures which will, by working together, experience a compliant, safe, and joyous reception. This is a three-part process. The regulation can be found here.


Part One: Contact Tracing

  1. SKY Armory is required to notify the Onondaga Health Department of the date, time, duration, and number of guests for your reception. The notification is required so they can check compliance.

  2. The contact tracing requirements expand upon what is already collected for the seating chart. Ten days prior to the reception please send us an excel spreadsheet containing each guest’s first and last name, mailing address, phone number, and email. Your Planner will provide a spreadsheet template to include table number assignments and meal selections.

  3. An adult or parent’s contact information should be used for a minor.

  4. All personal information (address and contact information) will be deleted from our system 30 days after the reception.

  5. Any missing information will be provided will be collected upon entrance to the building.


Part Two: Screening Testing (updated March 3, 2021)

  1. All guests at your reception must demonstrate they have received a negative diagnostic test result. There are several options:

    1. PCR Testing: PCR swab testing performed within 72 hours of the reception start time. For most receptions on Saturday, this means test Thursday, Friday, or Saturday morning. Onondaga County health department publishes testing times and locations should you wish to test locally. Here is a link to the current PCR Testing locations. Please note that some testing sites are PCR and others are Antigen testing. 

    2. Antigen Testing: Antigen swab testing performed 6 hours prior to the reception start time. Here is a link to current locations. As you can see most locations do not provide Saturday testing. Here is a link to register for a test.

    3. A guest who has completed the vaccination series 14 days prior to the reception does not have to be tested.

    4. We offer Antigen swab testing at SKY Armory should you have a guest that was unable to receive one. The test takes about 15 minutes and must be performed within 6 hours of the start of the reception. The cost is $35/each and is self-administered. SKY Armory’s Health and Safety Manager can assist in the procedure. This should not your first option; it should be used for emergencies only.

    5. We strongly recommend that each of your guests consult with their primary physician as to compliance with the NYS Guidance document(s).

  2. Affirmation: Upon entering SKY Armory, each guest will be directed to the Health and Safety Manager assigned to guest compliance for your reception. The manager will note attendance, confirm contact tracing information, and ask each guest to affirm compliance with the screening requirements. It is our expectation that each of your guests desires a safe and healthy celebration and would not knowingly disregard the screening process or provide false information.

  3. SKY Armory will not collect or review medical information from your guests. We will rely on their verbal affirmation that they in compliance.


Part Three: Restrictions during the Reception

  1. Your guests are required to wear a face-covering when not sitting at their assigned table eating or drinking. This regulation has not changed since last summer.

  2. Dancing is allowed. Guests may dance with only members of their same immediate pod/party/household/family who are seated at their table in designated and clearly marked areas (dance floor). Your planner may suggest multiple dance floors (of different sizes), to encourage compliance. Ceremonial dances (e.g., first dance, parent dance), are allowed.


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