Updated July 7, 2020


This page is used to communicate our response to the pandemic, our reopen strategy, and our efforts to ensure a safe environment when we do reopen.


When can we reopen?

We are working closely with every client to manage through the pandemic. The potential impact upon a wedding reception of two recent regulatory developments has convinced us to modify our reschedule policy once again. These two developments are:

  1. Travel Advisory issued by New York State on June 30, 2020

  2. Change in Operating Restriction on NIAC Code 722320 (sometime in the last two weeks)


The Travel Advisory may prevent specific people from attending your reception. We think this is significant enough to afford you the option of postponing so they can attend your special day.


We have reviewed the Operating Restrictions and found discrepancies compared to other industries within New York State. We are working diligently with City, County, State officials, and local leaders to have the operating restrictions revised. As currently written, we are limited to receptions on groups up to 50 individuals which again is significant enough that you should have the option of postponement. We are confident that we can get this revised prior to July 19, 2020.


Click here for our reschedule policy


Public Relations

Click here for our Model Letter request to Onondaga County

Click here for our Open Letter to Governor Cuomo

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