2021 Reschedule Information
For clients rescheduling from 2020 to 2021, information to consider.
2021 Key
A = Ballroom is available
B = Ballroom is booked (unavailable dates are not shown either)
T = Ballroom has a tentative hold with another client, if you want that date we will ask the other party to make a decision and then inform you if it is available. See the example below.
Don't see a date? We don't show dates when the whole building is booked.
Betts= First Floor, Wells = Second Floor, Coverly=Third Floor
Room Rental: Fridays are $1,000 at any time of the year. So if you move from a Saturday to Friday your room rental will decrease. Room Rental is also waived January-March.
Food Minimum: Food Minimum for Saturday's April-December is $8,000. Friday's are $6,000.
Hold: Dates cannot be held until you formally postpone your 2020 date.
Reschedule Policy: Can be found here
Miscellaneous: Winter Packages can also reduce your cost and offer exciting decor options.
Sundays are also an option, talk to us about wonderful brunch packages. 
Tentative Hold: If we tour a client and they select a date we send them a Confirmation and place the date on "Tentative". The couple may need to speak with their family or tour another venue before making a decision. If you are interested in that date we will contact them and ask them to make a decision in 72 hours. After that, you may have the date.
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