Parking in Armory Square near SKY Armory event venue downtown Syracuse

SKY Armory Parking Is Easy!

For those from the burbs, parking can be perceived as a hot issue when coming to downtown. We know this and found SKY Armory able to offer the best of both worlds – an event venue in the heart of Syracuse, NY attached to the Clinton Street Garage with a pedestrian walkway connecting the two. It doesn’t get better than that!

When you book your event at SKY Armory, we reserve parking spaces in the Clinton Street Garage for your guests. You can then choose to have your guests pay on their own, typically $10 per car, or cover the cost yourself at a group rate of $5/car. This price is subject to change, per the garage, based on other downtown events that may be occuring at the same time. We will share that with you through the planning process. 

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