sky armory exterior alley view from armory square

Why Can't I See SKY Armory Yet?

sky armory exterior armory square side

Brides who are interested in booking or who have already booked their weddings at SKY are starting to ask why they can’t come in now for a physical tour of the space. We completely understand the desire to see the venue in person, but there are two reasons why we haven’t opened up SKY for walkthroughs yet.

First, as you probably know, the ballrooms and the entire building are under construction. Since construction sites are inherently dangerous, everyone’s safety is paramount to us. We are very excited about our progress and want to stay on schedule so we can be ready to host your events; holding tours at this stage would halt the ongoing work, and frankly, our insurance company told us no. As we experienced during our photo shoot, the building is also extremely dusty and dirty, as all active construction sites are, so we won’t be doing walkthroughs until we’re at the painting and sweeping stage.  

sky armory coverly ballroom open loft space

Second, powerful first impressions are part of our business. We’re big on transitions: differentiating a cocktail area from dining areas, creating interesting spaces, and evoking different moods. A cornerstone of our innovation at SKY is the new grand entrance from Armory Square. Your guests will be greeted at the door as they enter the brand new lobby. Then a 35-person elevator (it’s super big) will whisk them upstairs where the doors will open onto sophisticated loft spaces beautifully decorated for cocktails, dinner, and dancing, fulfilling each couple’s unique and personal dream for their big day. 

sky armory wells ballroom style exposed brick loft

Each event will be an experience, full of first impressions, starting with the one we want to make for you, but we need to wait until the entrance is completed and the elevator is installed. Our goal is always to create an amazing experience for you and your guests, and we can’t wait to do soon as hardhats are no longer required.