orange and pink table linens

SKY amenities: a rainbow of table linens

Just as there are no limits to the kind of event you can have at SKY, so too are there no limits on how your event could look. Often the aesthetic starting point of a wedding, corporate event, or other type of party is a color scheme or theme. You may have a clear idea of what colors you want to feature, or you may be trying to achieve a certain mood or feeling and a variety of colors might do the job. Either way, we have over 40 color and pattern options for floor-length table linens, which means we can truly tailor the event to your needs and desires.

radiant orchid purple tablecloth

That’s right, you’re not limited to solid-colored table linens. We have solids, of course, in a spectrum of colors and textures, which take you from casual and laid-back to formal and sophisticated. But we also have all types of patterns, such as a toile-like floral, bold stripes, graphic dots (see below from our recent photo shoot), damasks, animal prints, and much more.

Another option: overlays and table runners paired with solid colored linens to add depth and create a different kind of look.

safari theme zebra tablecloth

It’s about setting the mood: Lively and bright, a bit moody and dramatic, artsy, rustic, formal, casual, or wild.  The colors, patterns, and materials you choose help set the stage and give your guests an indication of how you want your celebration to feel and the kind of experience you want them to have. A great event captures the spirit of a couple, a person, or a company and we love capturing that spirit and reflecting it back through the decor.

graphic black and white polka dot tablecloth


(Photos: top and bottom, James Peluso of Alexandria Photography