End Poverty in our Community

Caring about each other and supporting our community are two of SKY Armory's Core Values. We believe that we can make a two-fold impact for our employees and our community by focusing our social mission on helping to end poverty in Syracuse. 

Syracuse has one of the highest levels of extreme poverty out of the nation's 100 largest metropolitan areas and continues to lag in seeing a decrease in poverty. At SKY Armory, we want to do our part to make a difference in the fight against poverty by not only supporting organizations who provide assistance to those living in poverty, but also to make a commitment to hiring candidates who may come from a lower socio-economic background and Syracuse's poor neighborhoods. 30% of our current workforce comes from underserved neighborhoods.

Our approach to attracting employment candidates includes reaching out to community organizations that can connect prospective candidates with SKY. Many of our positions do not require formal training and can be learned on the job. This allows us to maintain our hiring strategy of hiring for "attitude." Prospective candidates have a desire to work hard, are naturally helpful, want to be part of a team, have a willingness to learn, and a passion to provide an exceptional guest experience. 

We are committed to providing onboarding for all of our new hires that includes orientation, on-the-job training, giving feedback, and coaching our team members to be their best and grow their careers. 

We understand that a person living in poverty may face additional challenges that require additional understanding and support as they grow their career opportunities. We make the effort to understand their challenges, support them, be flexible with schedules, and generally care about their overall well-being. 

If your organization works to end poverty or alleviate issues relating to poverty and you would like us to consider a donation to your cause, please contact us.