SKY Armory drinks cocktails bar package


It’s 5:00 somewhere… at SKY we believe a great glass of wine, a tasty craft beer, or a well-made cocktail being enjoyed by a guest adds life to the party. Like our SAVORY and SWEET dishes, we start with the best ingredients.

Our approach to the bar is that of a restaurant where we offer a variety of different bottle and draft beers, wines, spirits, and infused waters and soft drinks. Just like our food, we start with the freshest ingredients and make our own purees, simple syrup, and infusions. We like to feature signature cocktails, whether it's a drink created specially for a newlywed couple or a twist on an old favorite named after your brand. Not sure what your favorite is? Our Mixologist will craft options that will be sure to delight even the most fickle of palates.




Specialty Bars

Beverage Greet
A welcoming glass of wine,  a cocktail, or craft brew allows guests to enjoy the celebration from the moment they walk in the door. 

Uncork New York! Wine Bar
Everybody loves a trip around the Finger Lakes and sampling the wines New York State has to offer. We set up a New York State Wine bar staffed with a knowledgeable bartender to describe the wines to your guests.

The Great New York State Bar
New York State Wines, Beers, and Spirits are featured on the bar for guests to enjoy and explore.

Bubbly Bar
Bubbles make a party more fun! We provide the bubbly and an assortment of purees and fruit so you can blend your own flavor. 

Featured Cocktail Bar
Choose a Martini, Mojito or Moscow Mule Bar
A featured cocktail bar is always a hit with your guests. A creative display and dedicated bartender will entertain guests with a perfectly crafted cocktail.

Scotch, Bourbon and Whiskey Bar
Sip like a gentleman and enjoy our selection of classics and unique small batch offerings. Add a cigar roller for a truly memorable experience. 

Cordial Bar
Your guests can add a little something extra to their Coffee or Cocoa or enjoy their cordial on its own. A display of Cordials ranging from Amaretto, Jameson, to White Chocolate Godiva gives your Coffee and Cocoa a little kick!