SKY Armory Cuisine custom menus for events

The Culinary Team

Our Culinary Team is led by Executive Chef Christopher Kuhns.

Chef Chris Kuhns, SKY Armory Executive Chef

Christopher Kuhns - Executive Chef

Training: The French Culinary Institute in New York; apprenticeship with the restaurant group Relais Toula, based in the Veneto region of Italy
Years of Experience: 21 years of industry experience, 18 as an Executive Chef.
Specialty/Favorite style: soups, stews, and long-cooking dishes
Area you’re learning more about: artisan breads
Favorite Meal: Peking Duck
Favorite Restaurant: Peking Duck House on Mott Street in New York City
What do you like best about SKY’s approach to food? It’s different menus and different size groups everyday, it’s a chef’s dream. Thinking about scaling menus up or down depending on the number of guests, it’s a total challenge. Most events feature a different ethnic or cultural style, a more cross-cultural approach.  I think people now are looking for those authentic cuisines.

Jae Longo SKY Armory Executive Sous Chef

Jae Longo - Executive Sous Chef

Training: Paul Smith's College
Years of Experience: 20+ years (not including starting in my dad's restaurant at age 12), including some time spent as a personal chef for private clients.
Specialty/Favorite style: Working with what's around me, such as seasonal ingredients, local ingredients, things from farmers' markets. 
Area you're learning more about: More of the "foodie" stuff I'm picking up from the rest of the team, and using the more modern high-tech equipment.
Favorite Meal: Anything my mom makes for me.
Favorite Restaurant: Momofuku, or locally, Daniel's
What do you like best about SKY’s approach to food? The quality. My favorite thing is the positive environment. You're not stressed. The restaurant industry is intense but they've got the gift here, it's a happy fun environment. 

SKY Armory Executive Pastry Chef Anne Robinson

Anne Robinson - Executive Pastry Chef

Training: The French Culinary Institute in New York, internship at Milk and Cookies Bakery in New York
Years of Experience: 5 years
Specialty: French pastries and desserts
Area she's learning more about: sugar arts
Favorite meal: spicy groundnut stew with fufu and fried plantains
Favorite restaurant: Balthazar in SOHO 
What do you like most about SKY's approach to food? The creativity, we're always encouraged to experiment with different cuisines and new techniques to create something innovative and exciting.