SKY Armory team employment


Because the SKY has no limits …

SKY Armory is a great place to work as we set the bar high for our employees and give them the culture that fosters creativity and promotes innovation. 

What is in it for our employees?

Life happens only once and just like our unique space; we believe our employees have endless opportunities at SKY Armory. We bring life to our client’s vision for a big event in a way that works for them; we want to do the same for our team members. We will support you in creating the career/life you desire, the possibilities are only limited by you. If you can imagine your dream job and we can make it mutually beneficial, let’s do it. How would you like to get up in the morning knowing you are going to work in a career you love, not going to a “job?” This is the ultimate objective that we desire for each and every member of our team regardless of the position they hold.   

Every employee will beam with pride when they share with others where they work. Located in the heart of downtown Syracuse’s most urban chic area- Armory Square. Employees can enjoy the benefits of working within walking distance of the best social hub in Central New York.  The building itself boasts a grand entrance with unique aesthetics and a distinctive flair that anyone would be proud to walk into. It offers a sense of wonder by combining contemporary design with architectural integrity to produce a working environment like no other.

We believe in the power of technology and invest accordingly in the right equipment, software and applications to support our team members. We have a formalized infrastructure with systems and processes, which not only help with efficiencies but also, as our employees say, the quality of their career experience. As such, our complete orientation program will ensure you are confident to hit the ground running. With 20 plus years of event management knowledge and experience at the helm; your personal training and development couldn’t be in better hands by those who will guide and expand your skill set.